What is the Best Orientation for a House?

The orientation of a house is a key factor when acquiring a luxury property in Mallorca.One will want to make a rational use of energy, not only to save on energy bills, but also to do one’s bit in better caring for our planet while emitting less greenhouse gases. Therefore, taking into account the best orientation for a house in Mallorca is an important aspect if you want to take advantage of the climate in a more environmental-friendly way. 


The right property orientation will indeed help you to reduce energy consumption and provides energy-efficient spaces. For example, rooms bathed in sunlight will use 30% less of the heating system, so why not take advantage of this and learn how to choose the best orientation for a house? 


Why Choose a South-Facing House?


A south-facing house is ideal if it is located in an area with a cold climate. Why? Well, because south-facing houses are exposed to the sunlight throughout the day and all year round, and heat that is captured during the day will then be released on winter nights. Another benefit of south-facing houses is the natural light they flood them with, making them more welcoming, warmer and cosier.


When to Choose a North Orientation for a House?


We could say that the north orientation of a house is the least popular, but it has its advantages too. The first of them is that, if the house is located in a warm climate, as it will not receive much direct sunlight and only in the morning and summer evenings, it will stay cooler throughout the day. It will also provide even lighting for the home throughout the day. 


The east orientation is beneficial if the house is located in a warm climate, because the sun's incidence is only in the morning and the house will then remain fresh the rest of the day.


When it comes to choosing the best orientation for a house, the west orientation has some benefits  that the others do not have. As the sunlight hits from midday until sundown, when the sun sends out the most heat, it will thus be an ideal orientation in colder temperatures.